Study Tour for the benefit of a high-level delegation from Nigeria

A study tour for a high-level delegation from Nigeria was organized by the IEA from 20 to 24 February 2017. To welcome this important delegation (32 peoples), on Monday 20 February 2017, an opening  ceremony was chaired by M. Samir Bensaid (IEA –CEO) and was attended by M. Ouahabi, ADB representative in Morocco, M. Aouade, AMCI representative, M. Mardi, Director of Training, M. Jahid, Director of the Generalization of drinking water as well as several officials from ONEE and IEA.

The study tour to different drinking water and sanitation infrastructures and facilities focused on sharing with the Nigeria Delegation the Moroccan experience in the generalization of drinking water access in rural areas and on the different modes of Wastewater treatment. The delegation visited five types of wastewater treatment plants and two methods of drinking water treatment (underground and surface water).


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