Knowledge Management

Being informed of the evolution in the fields of water and environment and being able to access to critical informations is a strategic approach and a major asset in the development of the company.

For this purpose, through the implementation of the Knowledge Management function, the IEA has made clear its desire to capitalize on the knowledge and know-how of the ONEE, to create an environment within the ONEE-Water Branch more prone to innovation and research, in order to maintain and sustain a culture of continuous improvement.

Thus, the Knowledge Management function within the IEA has been directed to be one of the tools used byONEE (Water Branch), able to bear the activity of the business operating entities to improve performance of the company, and on the other hand to be a exchange platform with external partners.

To do so, two aproaches were selected for this function: Technological Watch and Document Management:

  • The technological Watch aims to make available to each entity of the IEA and the Office adequate and appropriate information technology enabling it to identify strategic directions for the organization and support good technological choices.
  •  The Documentation Centre help meet the requirements on documentation and information related to the areas of water, sanitation and the environment. A computer management system allows staff to access and remotly operate the document database available at the Documentation Centre.


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