IEA has been chosen to join the MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA-NETWORK OF WATER CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE (MENA NWC) and lead the water supply and sanitation thematic group.

The network aims to link technical institutions across the Middle East and North Africa with each other, with counterpart institutions in the United States and elsewhere, with governments, and with the private sector to solve the critical water problems confronting the region.

In Cairo on June 4, 2009, president Obama articulated his vision for a new beginning with the Muslim and Arab world, Consequently, USAID-Further Advancing a Blue Revolution Initiative (FABRI) project joined design team to establish a middle east north Africa network of water centers of excellence (MENA-NWC) that will work to reverse the increasing scarcity of water and in the middle east to achieve water security.

Under this initiative member centers of the NWC are joined through recognition that they are the (centers of excellence) in the water sector. A network of cooperating institutions will facilitate collaborative activities, including competitive grants programs, capacity building, institutional exchanges, fellowships and knowledge sharing.

Thematic Partnerships and Research Teams: Centers agreed on five Thematic Partnerships that are a focal point for communications and knowledge sharing among Centers. Within each Thematic Partnership, Centers identified priority research areas. The following priority research areas are the basis for Centers to form the Network’s first Research Teams and submit R&D Grant Applications:

  1. Groundwater
  2. Non-Conventional Water
  3. Water/Energy/Food Security Nexus
  4. Water Supply and Sanitation
  5. Water Use Efficiency and Productivity


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