Message from the Executive Director

Samir BENSAIDThe International Institute for Water and the Sanitation -IEA-was created by the ONEE (National Office for Electricity and Drinking water) in June, 2008, with the aim of improving its training plan, which until then was carried out by its Training center (CFTE) with more than 30 years of experience and expertise. In this occasion, a new department in charge of the activities related to Applied Research was created. The integration of the Training Activities as well as the Research activitiesconstitutes a qualitative evolution in our approach with regard to the development of the human resources and the company’s general capacities.


Aware that we are working in a vital field that is Water, be it for humans but also for all living species and the Planet as a whole, it was imperative to build a strategy following a clear vision and pre-defined set of goals. This strategy is about giving priority to the development of human resources on one hand, and considering the knowledge in the Water field as a World Heritage, thus needing to be developed and enhanced, as well as shared freely through a public and long-lasting and sustainable management.


From there, IEA’s main missions focus on:

  • The Training and capacity building of human resources, which is a real business capital for long-term investment and management effectiveness.
  • The development of water and sanitation services, through focusing the Applied Research on technologies, management methods and appropriate and suitable practices as well as relying on a system of knowledge management and knowledge capitalization.
  • The support and technical assistance at the international level, in particular for water operators in sub-Saharan Africa, through no profit sharing of knowledge and know-how in the context of North-South cooperation and South-Public-public.




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