The IEA bases its approach on a national and international network for the achievement of its mission:

Capacity building and technical assistance

The IEA is working actively to promote Public-Public Partnership (PPP) for the Capacity Building and Technical Assistance operators of sub-Saharan countries and the development of the North-South-South cooperation.

Applied Research

The IEA leads its applied research activities in partnership with the best national and international academic experts (universities, engineering, institutes and research centers Schools). Research partnerships are an important instrument to deepen during 1-3 years priority issues, while having in mind a global impact. Since the establishment of the structure of R&D of IEA, nearly sixty partnership agreements have been signed and followed with national and international institutes and organizations academic research.

Technological Watch

The IEA has developed a platform for technological watch and knowledge management, by developing several partnerships:

At a national Level:

  •  Agreement with the Moroccan Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (IMIST) under the CNRST;
  • Agreement with OMPIC that has a network of centers of information technology called "" TISC "" (Technology and Innovation Support Centers).

At the International Level:

  • Cooperation Agreement with the International Centre for Water and Sanitation (IRC) in the Netherlands, with the aim of developing a partnership in the field of water and sanitation at the national and regional level, including the capacity of the IEA in the field of knowledge Management.


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