Events and Seminars

  • NRW Conference, ACWUA, Rabat, Jan 2010
  • WSP Workshop, UN-Habitat, Rabat, June 2010
  • Costal Aquifers & CC, UNESCO, Rabat, June 2010
  • Solid Waste in Africa, UNDESA, UNEP, UNHabitat, Rabat, Nov 2010
  • EWRI Conference (ASCE), Marrakech, Jan 2012
  • REUSE Conference, UN-Water, Marrakech, Feb 2012
  • Biogaz Conference, GIZ, Rabat, Feb 2012
  • Desalination Conference, IDA, Casablanca, March 2012
  • IWA Workshop on Traditional Quanats Technologies, Marrakech, Oct 2013


Training for the ONEE employees:

  • Multiannual training plans on behalf of the ONEE- - Water Branch ((Training - Maintenance - Heads of centers - Chief station...)
  • Training courses (Accounting / Finance - Project Management)

Training for the national Collaborators:

  • Support through training to micro-enterprises (sixty per year), which are assigned to the operation and maintenance of drinking water and sanitation services.
  • Support through training and technical supervision of Drinking Water Users Associations (AUEP) and private operators that contribute to the local drinking water supply in rural areas.
  •  Customized training on behalf of public and private water operators (management - DGCL - FNBTP - SMADIA -...)

Training for the international Collaborators:

  • Training program with 4 training sessions (lasting 4-6 months) for African water partners realized with the support of the German InWEnt body (1999-2004).
  • Five-year training program with 5 training sessions (duration: 1 month per session) for African water partners realized with the support of the Japanese JICA cooperation body (2001-2005).
  • Three-year training program with 5 training sessions (lasting 2-3 weeks per session) for the benefit of the partners of African water realized with the support of the Japanese JICA cooperation body (2011-2013).
  • Training and Assistance program spread over 5 years conducted on behalf of the Project Management Unit Aftout Essahli (FPMU) in Mauritania.
  • Training program for the benefit of SEG-Guinea in partnership with AMCI and BADEA.
  • Training program for the Ministry of Hydraulic and Sanitation of Senegal
  • Several training actions in favor of water bodies in Africa in partnership with BADEA, IDB, BTC ...

Research and Development

  • Research Project Clara, Rabat, March 2011

Technological Watch

  • WHO mandate, Evaluation GLASS, Rabat, June 2011


WHO Collaborating Centre for training and research in the fields of drinking water and sanitation         ISO IEA