Water Operators’ Partnership WOPs

The IEA encourages and develops the promotion of Public-Public Partnership (PPP) Capacity Development and Technical Operator Assistance sub-Saharan countries, the development of the North-South-South cooperation.

IAE contribute on the development of this partnership approach for the contribution to the upgrade and development of water and sanitation services in countries of sub-Saharan Africa in particular.


ONEE/IEA member of GWOPA for the promotion of PPP in Africa


ONEE is an active member of the Global Water Operators' Partnership Alliance (GWOPA), a UN-Habitat programme to promote and implement Water Operators' Partnerships (WOPs) globally. ONEE is member of the International Steering Committee that guides the work of the Alliance and through this collaboration, ONEE has worked closely with GWOPA to implement numerous WOPs in Africa and internationally both to acquire knowledge and share its expertise with other operators through not-for-profit partnerships.  

GWOPA will host the 3rd Global WOPs Congress in Barcelona from the 16 to 18 September 2015 to showcase cases of WOPs from around the world, with a dedicated regional session on Africa that will feature ONEE´s work.

Recent news from ONEE and GWOPA:

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Resources in the South-South partnership:







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