Prioritize capacity building of human resources and contribute to the development of knowledge and expertise in the fields of Water and Environment, based on a holistic and sustainable approach, and in the context of a public non-profit partnership.

Our guiding principles:

  •  Access to water and sanitation is a right for all citizens;
  •  Access to potable water and its protection is vital for human development and for the stability of the ecosystem. It is therefore essential that the Knowledge should be shared without limits;
  •  To ensure sustainable development, water management requires an integrated, holistic and multidisciplinary approach;
  • Long-term investment in Human resource Capacity development is of primary importance more than investment in infrastructure;
  •  Applied research should be oriented towards technologies, management methods and appropriate practices adapted to developing country contexts.


WHO Collaborating Centre for training and research in the fields of drinking water and sanitation         ISO IEA